Bio Module

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Bio Module

Portable Office Containers


Office cabin 10'( 3m x 2,5m)

Guard booths, security cabins
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Office cabin 16'

Construction modules, office type modules
  • solid steel frame with corner casts and fork-lift pockets
  • CEE exterior sockets, recessed
  • easily removable interchangeable wall panels with galvanised steel sheet on the outside
  • high-quality heat and sound insulation
  • various extra equipment possible
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20" Containex cabins for sale

20"  ( 6m x 2,5m)  Office cabin for sale in Riga  for 1800 Euro Only !! View details...

Office cabin 20'

Construction containers for rent, lease.
Our office and crew cabins match ISO dimensions and therefore have many advantages View details...

Office cabin 30'

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